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For 3 Generations Helle's has been serving the Greater Rio Grande Valley.

Helle's Fine Furnishings & Draperies, Inc. (formerly The Drapery Room) was established in 1957 by Mac McLaughlin.  Using his talents as an upholsterer hired several seamstresses and began making draperies. Mac ran The Drapery Room until his retirement in 1977, when his daughter Mary Helle, took over.  Mary continued Mac's commitment to quality and service.  As the business grew, Mary expanded her services to the point where The Drapery Room no longer fit the scope of her business.  In 1987 Mary changed the name to Helle's Fine Furnishing and Draperies when her nephew Sid Domian joined the business.

Although draperies are still a large part of our business, Helle's has evolved into a full service Interior Decorating & Design Resource.  Whether you own a mobile home or a mansion, Residential or Commercial, we will strive to make your dreams a reality. One window to a complete remodel we are ready to serve.

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